Fast single handed preparation

The Toss & Chop is an innovative, hand operated cutlery device that is specially designed to cut and process food together in one bowl, making food preparation faster, simpler and less messy. Toss & chop creates a unique option for single-handed food preparation. The design employs a dual bladed shearing action with can slice even delicate tomatoes.

By using the Toss & Chop, one is able to quickly chop vegetables, meats and a wide variety of other foods all in one bowl. The kitchen device allows the user to make fresh healthy meals for themselves and family with greater convenience and minimal clean up.

Although a new concept, Toss & Chop emotes familiarity. It borrows its design language from kitchen knives, scissors and poultry shears. The lower spoon handle reminds of salad tongs and rounded blade ends communicate safety.