Cable free is the way to be.

Meet Skybuds - a completely wireless way to take your music with you wherever you go.  

Listen to music.
Answer calls.
Sweat it out.


Full control.  Simple Interface.

The charging case elegantly houses the earbuds for quick and easy changing.

A fully charged case provides up to 24 hours of listening and the buds individually hold 4 hours of playtime. 

See specific charging info and further customize your sound on the connected app.  


cool dude cropped.jpg

Bluetooth but better.

Your buds stay paired to your phone so simply turn on the buds and start playing music.  

Only want one earbud in?  The smart earbuds know when both are in your ears versus just one - and adjust the sound accordingly.


We touched a lot of ears to get here...

Like, a lot of ears.  

Getting the perfect fit was an obvious necessity and it resulted in a new way to wear the earbuds providing better sound channeled into the ear. 

Alpha sketch composits (1).JPG