Trading spaces.

During our research we came across an interesting finding:

Because washing machines were getting quieter, new homes were being built with designated laundry areas on the main or upstairs floors.  

The look of the machine was becoming more of a purchasing factor than extra features. 


Big... but also small.

Because washing machines are located in higher traffic areas of the home, there is a higher expectation that it looks good.  Users wanted them to look sleek and not take up too much space. 

This finding was very counter to the typical desire for the largest possible capacity.  

Our solution was a soft square door.  From the outside the machine feels airy and light but when the doors is opened, there is more space than a traditional circular door. 


front with buds.jpg

Simplifying detergents.

Users were often confused about where to pour different detergents. 

The detergent drawer was designed to have clear and separate drawers that are removable for cleaning. 


TrueSteam Technology.

One of the first washing machines to integrate steam, this led to three new cleaning cycles including adding a Steam Cycle, Allergine, and Steam Fresh.


The beginning of Smart Diagnosis.

One of the leading pain-pointsfrom users was not knowing how to manage problems with their machine.   

This led to the “Smart Diagnosis” integration allowing users to troubleshoot problems on their own.  

In the case that it required maintenance, an LG representative could be contacted through the app and would have the ability to troubleshoot remotely.