Embodiment of the brand identiy

The Personal Pond is a perfect physical metaphor for the spirit embodied in the future of the Lexus brand identity. The intrinsic characteristics of the luxury carmaker’s brand – Incisive Simplicity, Intriguing Elegance and Seamless Anticipation – are the motivating principles behind its design. These qualities illustrate the timeless connection between man, machine, and nature.


"More or Less"

Two users interact with the Pond through the two stones that rest on its surface. Their placement, orientation and combination create different function modes. In each mode a motion of the hand adjusts the intensity of the lighting pattern, volume of the music or both. Swinging the hand closer to your self means “more”, swinging away means “less”.


Balancing natural and artificial

The Pond was constructed through a combination of natural and artificial material. The tactile feedback from each material, interaction between light and music, and gesture sensors that translate body language into actual commands, are what give the Personal Pond its sense of magic.