Redesigning from the inside out.

The Kala mattress focuses on sleep performance.  The zero gravity position is the bodies natural resting position, minimizing pressure and stress on joints.  

We were challenged to combine the health benefits of zero gravity sleeping with a traditional mattress. 


Work with your body, not against it.

The project quickly became a material study assessing the support of countless materials and foams.

Then it hit us - if your body naturally wants to be in the zero gravity position, why not mimic that by creating layers of varying thicknesses and varying densities?


A cooler sleep.

While foam and mattresses constantly boast new cooling features, you're still just laying on heat-absorbing, off-gassing foam.  

Kala features a removable insert made from a proprietary new NON-FOAM material that is fully recyclable and promotes greater airflow than any foam on the market. 

Users can choose between a soft, medium or firm insert for each half of the mattress.