Multifunctional Kiva furniture works independently, in combination, and alongside other furniture and systems products. They don’t attach to anything or fit together in any prescribed way.  They work in enclosed spaces and in open spaces to support people collectively and individually. They are lightly scaled and mounted on casters or glides that really glide. With escalating real estate costs, Kiva allows a company to use space more efficiently – effectively having multiple spaces of multiple furniture functionality in one.


Multi-functional Furniture

• Wing Tables open in two positions for extra work surfaces, and come together to create multiple teaming configurations

• Pebble Tables can be used alone, with each other, or with wing tables to create multiple configurations.

• Soft Screens are made entirely of self-supporting, fused monofilament fabric, and offer seated privacy and space division within a group environment.  They can be easily rolled-up and carried or stored.

• Easels have flip-chart hooks and an erasable writing surface to serve the needs of group display.

• Access Posts are freestanding and can be placed anywhere in the work area to provide power and telecommunication connection.





ECCO Design developed the Spider Desk with Herman Miller to serve a major unmet need of start-up businesses, who require a reasonably priced desk, enabling high performance, and appealing to the dynamic needs of young, hip, entrepreneurs. To match fast-paced market demand, the free-standing table and various accessories can be ordered online and shipped door to door in one week. This new and innovative approach is backed up by a smart product that offers not only essential features, but also great performance and flexibility.





Innovation begins upon assembly, where the Spider Desk can be put together with just six screws and a screwdriver, in about 15 minutes. The simple procedure does not require an installation specialist, and minimizes the office’s waste of time and employee resources. Lightweight legs and disc-shaped feet provide 3 inches of height adjustment. Gliding makes office reconfiguration and customization incredibly easy, and plastic “bumper” edges ensure durability through all kinds of office action.