Elevate the show.

The Elevate wristband lets you the an interactive part of the show.

Really feeling the vibe?  The embedded LED's will start flashing more.

Want to get another drink? Just scan the band to pay.  


Get more out of a show.

An optional ad-on, the Elevate bracelet not only functions as your ticket but your virtual wallet for the night.

Receive updates, directions, set times and more, all via the connected app.


Connect with the music.

The LED's react to different sound frequencies bringing the light show into the crowd.  

A gyroscope allows the bracelet to sense when you're really feeling the music and lights up to the beat.


The new Discover Weekly.

Using the integrated gyroscope, the bracelet can track when your vibing the hardest at the show.

Based on that data, you are automatically send a personalized playlist so you're after-party ready.