The power of data.

ECCO worked to create a platform to facilitate NYC’s ambition to become pioneers in the “Digital Cities of the Future”.  From official city updates to checking out local attractions, the network collects data from countless resources making the city and its inhabitants smarter and more efficient.



Information everywhere.

We believe people are smarter when information is readily accessible.  The Datawell brings location-based content to your fingertips.  It has the ability to truly effect the way community members connect with each other and their city.  



Designed for growth.

The Datawell system utilizes different light color coding to indicate information about various points of interest. 

The Datawell plate can function on it's own as a "Touchpoint Location" and serves as a modular base to fit various other "DataSpaces". Based on foot traffic, events, or location, the city can easily adjust and implement more DataSpaces as needed.  



Low power, low maintenance. 

Utilizing LEDs and e-ink displays, the Datawell effectively visualizes information while being extremely low power.  

The touchscreen e-ink display allows people to explore, connect and communicate. 

_MG_0227 - 2007-04-06 at 18-57-24.jpg



Tiered integration.

The core of the Datawell is the data collection. Weather alerts, amber alerts among countless others can be pushed to the effected areas.  

Accessible via phone or in public, the system ensures better visibility of the city to its citizens. 




Data in real time. 

Accessible online as well, users can clearly identify effected areas.  

Giving people and NYC access to quantified data makes our city smarter, greener and overall more efficient.