Upgrade your brain.

BrainBit's vision is to allow people to improve cognitive fitness by tracking and visualizing their brain activity.

This is accomplished by tracking brain signals using the EEG headband.  Data is relayed back to the user via the connected app so the user can track focus and attention during specific activities.

From the doctors office to your home.

Our client currently provides a disposable solution limited to professional use.

Peeling off the seal reveals small gel pockets necessary to accurately read brain signals.

This is one of the fastest and cost-effective methods being used today, but we were excited to make a consumer-grade version.


No gel, no problem.

BrainBit's patent-pending technology allows for brain signals to be transmitted without the use of gel.

The dry electrode technology not only removes the need for sticky and annoying gel, but it gives the user complete flexibility around how and when they decide to use the device. 


Comfort first.

We challenged ourselves to find a solution that would feel soft, unobtrusive and friendly. 

While it was challenging to ensure that the hardware could properly function while remaining durable, the end result allowed for us to incorporate only 4 EEG touch points on the headband while still maintaining accurate readings.



Neuro whattt?

BrainBit's software translates raw brain signals into specific inputs.  That data is analyzed by their proprietary Cloud and SDK platform which is then shared with the user. 

The goal is for people to being to understand and train their brain to improve concentration and overall cognitive health.