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Ergonomically crafted

Audio product brand Altec Lansing came to ECCO Design to develop a family of headphone products called the Upgrader Series.  While many wearable technology products such as eye wear and watches have succeeded in increasing their profile as lifestyle accessories, headphone products have yet to achieve that goal.  ECCO therefore approached this challenge by improving the material usage.


Advanced materials

ECCO carefully selected advanced materials not only to enhance the physical quality of the product, but also to improve the performance and acoustic level.  One example was using titanium frames to make products such as the hook ear buds, open studio and behind the neck headphones more durable and flexible while also comfortable to wear.  Micro fabric was placed over the speaker to enhance the sound quality, while also improving the tactile feel and ear flow. Replaceable silicon pads were added for hybrid ear buds to achieve ultimate comfort and stability.


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Snug Fit

The product family currently has two groups offerings, the AirFit and SnugFit models.  The AirFit model lets you enjoy music, movies, and games while staying in touch with the outside world. SnugFit models offer a powerful acoustic experience and excellent noise-isolation technology that enables immersion no matter what your surrounding may be.

All Upgrade Series headphones are extremely durable and feature flexible, form-fitting materials that improve comfort and sound.