At ECCO, we value public and social projects. We enjoy contributing to the world to help make human life better, more enjoyable and meaningful. Our dedication to ecology, civic works and education inspire and connect us to our thriving community here in New York City.

Beyond our focus on innovation, we also are aware of how our products will be manufactured, distributed and decomposed after their product life cycle.

ECCO has collaborated with many global manufacturing leaders to produce solutions that are ecologically sensitive. By utilizing sustainable materials and creating user interactions, we hope to bring awareness to energy consumption and its environmental impact.

The most powerful way we can affect our world is to invest in the education of the next generation. For this reason, ECCO frequently hosts visits from academic institutions from around the world to share and collaborate on ideas. ECCO takes pride in mentoring highly-qualified students who are eager to learn design practice and experience professional challenges. Many ECCO team members teach and lecture in various conferences and design schools, helping to share our knowledge and learn from others.