We bring together product designers, interaction designers, researchers, strategists and engineers to help you achieve your design objectives. Our unique process and methodology help us breathe new life into your business or brand, and we do it with some of the most creative minds in the industry.

Our goal is to work with you to create a unique vision and action plan to grow your product, service or business. We deliver tangible market solutions by dedicating ourselves to understanding your business. We create products that users emotionally connect with and physically benefit from. At ECCO, we bring a diverse and creative energy to our problem solving, and we believe that some of the best ideas come from everyday life and everyday people. We constantly develop, incubate and curate a variety of new product ideas, inspiring all areas of our business. 


We are proud to work with clients ranging from the largest international corporations to first time entrepreneurs.

Let ECCO work with you to develop your idea and bring your product or brand to market. Our rock-star team of imaginative thinkers and experienced designers can help you realize your vision and turn it into a successful product solution.

With a reputation as one of the most innovative and customer-focused design agencies, ECCO delivers cutting edge solutions for corporations of all sizes to grow your business, from local to global, and stay on top of design research and emerging technology.

We bring the experience and know-how to deliver the innovation that business leaders require. ECCO's unique design research process helps established corporations discover critical and relevant insights from consumers.

ECCO harmonizes our work product to seamlessly integrate with your company's internal process. The solutions we provide not only focus on immediate market needs but also fulfill a long-term growth strategy for the specific product category. We think both in terms of the emotional impact of the product as well as how to deliver a cost effective solution.

ECCO is proud to offer services in product design, ideation, engineering, marketing, and manufacturing for entrepreneurs and startups. We work with you to develop your ideas and help bring them to market. 

Leverage our network of technology and manufacturing partners in Asia. 

We guide brands from prototyping to mass production with speed and efficiency, combining your passion and creativity with out deep resource pool and connections to produce innovative and successful products and businesses. . 


If you have a great idea and would like to bring it to market, we'd like to talk to you.

At ECCO, we value public and social projects. We enjoy contributing to the world to help make human life better, more enjoyable and meaningful. Our dedication to ecology, civic works and education inspire and connect us to our thriving community here in New York City.

Beyond our focus on innovation, we also are aware of how our products will be manufactured, distributed and decomposed after their product life cycle.

ECCO has collaborated with many global manufacturing leaders to produce solutions that are ecologically sensitive. By utilizing sustainable materials and creating user interactions, we hope to bring awareness to energy consumption and its environmental impact.

The most powerful way we can affect our world is to invest in the education of the next generation. For this reason, ECCO frequently hosts visits from academic institutions from around the world to share and collaborate on ideas. ECCO takes pride in mentoring highly-qualified students who are eager to learn design practice and experience professional challenges. Many ECCO team members teach and lecture in various conferences and design schools, helping to share our knowledge and learn from others.